PR is like fireworks. If you don’t catch the embers, your moments in the spotlight will just be a pretty memory.

Inkandescent Public Relations is here to help you glow so your company can grow. We are a full-service PR, marketing, publishing, and website design firm that gets entrepreneurs the visibility they need to showcase their expertise — and spread the good word to reporters and customers.

Our mission: Since 2001, Inkandescent’s founder journalist Hope Katz Gibbs has been promoting, inspiring and educating entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and artisans about best practices in PR and marketing. Her goal is to help them polish their message, create growth strategies, and grow their companies using the tools in her playbook: PR, marketing, advertising, and social media.

Our approach: Our team consists entirely of journalists, who know how to sniff out a good story, and work well with other reporters. We’re also all entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know the trials and tribulations felt the small business owners we represent. The key to success is our “8 Steps to PR Success” — the strategies outlined in our first Inkandescent Rulebook, PR Rules: The Playbook, ready to download today (print copies available in March 2014).

Check out the 8 Steps:

1. Create a stunning website
2. Develop an explosive PR campaign
3. Make a splash in the news
4. Write a column in a magazine
and launch their own radio show
5. Network wisely
6. Join a Speakers Bureau
7. Write a book
8. Pay it forward

Our gift to you!

  • Find the best networking events for entrepreneurs from NYC to Miami.
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Here’s to your incredible, indelible, Inkandescent success!The Inkandescent Team

Monday March 31, 2014

Michael Egan Offers Tax Tips for 2013 on WUSA Channel 9

March 31, 2014, WUSA Channel 9 — Are you ready to file your 2013 taxes? Be sure you are getting all the credits you can, says CFP® Michael Egan. Don’t miss his appearance today on the noon news, WUSA Channel 9.

Click here to watch.

Seven Tips to Remember Before You File Your 2013 Taxes

Egan answers these questions:_

  1. What are the retirement plan contribution deadlines?
  2. I understand you can also deduct professional services fees. How much, and how does that work? Are there any limitations?
  3. Are Long-Term Care premiums tax deductible, provided that you purchased a “tax-qualified” plan?
  4. What about Capital Gains and 529 Plan contributions?
  5. How should we account for those on our tax filing?
  6. Also, same-sex married couples may now file a joint return. How does that work compared to previous years?
  7. If you have a foreign bank account, how should you handle that?
Wednesday March 26, 2014

History News Network: David Bruce Smith Interviews Mount Vernon Director for Grateful American™ Series

March 26, 2014, History News Network — In today’s issue of Rick Shenkman’s History News Network, he features an interview by David Bruce Smith, creator of the Grateful American™ Series, with Doug Bradburn, founding director of the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. Click inside to read their Q&A.

Friday March 28, 2014

"PR RULES: THE PLAYBOOK" — Order your copy today!

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Snagging Headlines and Winning Customers Using the 8 Steps to PR Success

Washington, DC, April 2014 — If you have ever tried your hand at promoting your business—either on your own, or by hiring one of the zillion PR firms in America—you know that there are innumerable ways to spread the word about the good work you are doing.

“That’s because PR and marketing is an art, as much as a science,” explains journalist Hope Katz Gibbs, co-author of the upcoming book, “PR Rules: The Playbook,” and founder of, an Inkandescent Group company.

“The difference between a successful campaign, and one that falls flat, is finessing the tools with style and grace—and knowing what to do each day to maximize your visibility,” Gibbs insists.

What do you need to do to create an effective PR and marketing campaign that builds credibility, increases sales, and gets reporters to call you for your expert opinion?

Wednesday February 19, 2014

CFP® Rita Cheng Releases Her New eBook: "Wealth Management Rules: 12 Tips to Help You Harness Your Financial Know-How"


Contact: Hope Katz Gibbs
Inkandescent Public Relations, / 703 346-6975


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT RULES: 12 Tips to Help You Harness Your Financial Know-How

Financial Management Rules, an eBook written by experienced financial planner Marguerita M. Cheng, CFP® and edited, designed, and published by the Inkandescent Publishing Company, provides 12 tips to help readers harness their financial know-how.

Washington DC, March 1, 2014 — Experienced financial planner Marguerita M. Cheng released her new eBook today, “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT RULES: 12 Tips to Help You Harness Your Financial Know-How.”

“Anyone can accumulate wealth and peace of mind—all they need is the know-how,” insists Cheng, who has been a Certified Financial Planner Professional for decades and was the 2013 chair of the Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area (FPA NCA).

“My greatest joy and passion is touching the lives of others so that they may achieve their personal financial success,” says Cheng, who with Sameer S. Somal, CFP®, owns Blue Ocean Global Wealth —which provides corporations and institutions with portfolio construction, investment due diligence, and risk-management consulting services.

“This book is my way of giving back to my clients and other women, minorities, and multicultural families like my own,” she insists. “My goal is to help readers achieve this goal with these 12 tips, because everyone deserves to have peace of mind when it comes to their financial future.”

Monday August 5, 2013

CBS MoneyWatch interviews InkandescentPR client Sharon Armstrong on: "Leaving your job? How to start the conversation"

Aug. 5, CBS MoneyWatch — “You don’t have to be a career coach or a seasoned executive to know you don’t want to burn bridges when leaving your job,” says reporter Amy Levin-Epstein in today’s CBS MoneyWatch article. “But if you’re even considering jumping ship, you may be fretting the conversation. Will it be awkward — or worse, confrontational and damaging to your reputation?”

She interviewed HR expert Sharon Armstrong, who said:

Share what you’re doing to ease the transition. The best way to avoid burning bridges is to make your leaving as easy as possible on everyone left behind. That’s why Sharon Armstrong, author of “The Essential Performance Review Handbook,” advises saying, “I’m in the process of finishing up all my projects and will leave detailed notes on the status of each. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.”

Tuesday March 5, 2013

In the News: Sheldon Weiner featured in the Wall Street Journal: "Utilizing a Client's Only Major Asset"

March 5, 2013, Wall Street Journal — Sheldon Weiner is featured in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, in an article by reporter Niki Reading entitled, “Utilizing a Client’s Only Major Asset.”

The 65-year-old woman had recently lost her husband, and a significant chunk of her monthly income. The husband’s pension didn’t include survivor benefits, and the widow’s own Social Security and pension benefits provided just $2,000 in monthly income—far less than her $4,000 in monthly expenses. With only $35,000 in a bank account and a $25,000 annuity, she was on pace to run out of money before she turned 80.

“She certainly didn’t have enough to last a normal lifetime, and she recognized that,” says Sheldon Weiner, a fee-based financial planner at Egan, Berger & Weiner in Vienna, Va., which manages $300 million for about 400 clients.

When she was referred to Mr. Weiner by a friend, the woman told the adviser that her accountant recommended selling her only remaining significant asset: A piece of vacant farmland her husband had bought in the 1950s.

There were two problems with that plan.

Click here to read the entire article.

Monday September 23, 2013

A Press Release on How to Write a Great Press Release

Contact: Hope Katz Gibbs
Inkandescent Public Relations / 703 346-6975

Tell a great story in a concise and clever manner, add in pithy subheads and easy-to-remember bullet points, and call readers to action

Washington DC, Today’s Date — “Grabbing the reader’s attention, encouraging them to attend an event or learn more about a product or service, and intriguing reporters so they want to learn more is the goal for any good press release,” says Inkandesent Public Relations founder Hope Katz Gibbs, a veteran journalist who for more than a decade has been happily writing interesting press releases that get picked up by the media.

“Whenever I’m writing a release, my purpose is to tell a story—albeit briefly—that makes readers want to learn more about the topic I’m discussing,” she says. “Of course, it’s also rewarding to write a press release in a way so that it reads like a mini-article, since this gives it a greater chance of being picked up by newspapers, magazines, and blogs.”

Monday July 1, 2013

Is Your Business Struggling? You may be suffering from the "Trifecta of Small-Business Failure." Learn to overcome it

By Hope Katz Gibbs
Founder and President,

Why do so many small businesses fail?

Because the very characteristics that make entrepreneurs want to start a business are the ones that cause them to stumble.

That isn’t news. Business experts have been shouting about this fact for decades—including many we have interviewed for Be Inkandescent magazine, such as life coach Martha Beck, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” guru Richard Carlson, “E-Myth” author Michael Gerber, business tycoon Ted Leonsis, and Fast Company magazine founder Alan Webber.

How do the fireworks created by PR work their way into the mix?

From our publicist’s perch at Inkandescent Public Relations, we have been privileged to work inside dozens of companies—from start-ups to multimillion-dollar corporations. We’ve helped them make fireworks, and equally importantly, catch the embers so they continue to shine.

We have also witnessed their challenges. From these, we culled the “Trifecta“—three trends that that can trip up even the most energetic entrepreneur, with even the most carefully crafted business plan. Do any of these monikers describe you?

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